Queen Alexandra Hospital
Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust

The Numbers

  • £2.6m for remediation
  • Annual savings generated in excess of £700k p.a.
  • Construction completed 2017
  • Hospital services maintained at all times
  • 2472 tonnes per annum CO² saving
Queen Alexandra Hospital
Queen Alexandra Hospital
Queen Alexandra Hospital

The Works

  • Reinstate x 2.0MW CHP units which had been non operational for 4 years.
  • Optimise the operation of the CHPs to reduce CO² emissions.
  • Install replacement LTHW heat exchangers.
  • Procure a maintenance contract which enables remote monitoring of the plants and a single cost.
  • Provide a robust model to determine the optimum mode of operation of the units.ks

“Our proudest achievement was to deliver the savings whilst maintaining 100% uptime of all critical electrical and thermal services to the Hospital; this equired considerable input and support from client, users and Breathe team throughout the project.”

Marcus Wyers
Technical Director