RBS Branches & Offices
The Royal Bank of Scotland

The Numbers

  • £3.3m saved in 4 years
  • Average 17% savings per site
  • 2 year typical payback
  • 10,560 CO² reduction
  • 425 sites installed and online
RBS Branches & Offices
RBS Branches & Offices
RBS Branches & Offices

The Works

  • Remote monitoring of energy assets
  • Full control and integration of all HVAC, lighting and metering platforms
  • Revenue generation from Uniterrubtible Power Supply
  • BEMS upgrade and optimisation
  • Lighting retrofit for efficiency and design improvement

“RBS are a valued long standing partner of Breathe and this energy reduction project is now into its 4th year. We continue to provide new and innovative solutions, targeted at reducing energy costs and improving maintenance efficiencies whilst ensuring staff and customer environmental conditions are un-affected. All the benefits are sustained by the Breathe Connect team, working with RBS' FM providers.”

Chris Norburn
Head of Breathe Connect